ImageSails are the world’s first printed sails for art and advertising without compromise of performance. Displaying marketing, photography, and art utilizing our Patented process, ImageSails are proudly made in the USA, utilizing the finest sailcloths, by our elite sailmakers or yours.

Advertising on a Sail

Advertise on the open seas! You’ve seen aerial advertisements on banners flown by planes at your local beach. Now imagine using the sail of a vessel, instead of a banner that trails a vessel, to advertise a company or show off unique artwork. An ImageSail can be a perfect, unique and elegant way to advertise your company. Get your company’s logo and corporate identity designed into the sail and don’t miss the opportunity of advertising on a “floating billboard”. Getting started is easy. Just use our search bar to find and book the type of vessel or the city you’d like to advertise in. There are special discounts if you book a sailboat for 5 days or more at a time. After you book a vessel, we’ll send instructions on how to create your custom ImageSail with our revolutionary SailDraft Designer. You can get started here:

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Listing your Vessel

Have a sailing vessel and want to become part of the ImageSails team? Earn income by listing your vessel and becoming an ImageSails Captain for client advertising. Listing your first vessel is a simple process. Follow the link below and create an account with us. Fill out your vessel’s details, contact information and set your price and we will contact you ASAP before we approve your listing.

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Custom Sail Printing

ImageSails are the world’s first printed sails for art and advertising without compromise of performance. Strikingly unique, ImageSails are printed with photography and art utilizing our Patented process. They are proudly custom designed and made in the USA, from the finest materials, by elite Sailmakers. Our printing capabilities take you beyond the world of flat vector graphics. With revolutionary technology, we are not only able to print large-scale photographic raster graphics, but we do it with the finest quality and precision. Once you book the vessel you want to advertise on, we will send you a link to our SailDraft program to create your sail, choose one of our designs, or have one custom made. Don’t want to advertise on a vessel but want a custom sail for your own vessel? No problem! Follow the link below.

Create a Custom Sail

Special Requests

Have a custom request or order? Need more information or help with your order or listing process? We understand that online forms aren’t always ideal for communication. Please use our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.

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